Powder Coating is a process were a dry powder is sprayed onto the surface of an item. The powder is electrostatically charged so that it holds to the item. The item is then placed in an oven and heated which causes a chemical reaction so that the powder melts and fuses together to create a smooth and highly durable finish. Powder can be applied to any object that holds an electrostatic charge and can withstand the heat of the oven.


Like all painting procedures Powder Coating relies on a clean surface free of rust and impurities to get the best possible finish. At Colour Tech we have on site abrasive blasting and chromate pretreatment to ensure the best quality preparation and therefore the best possible finish for your item. We are happy to discuss the best possible option for you and your item. 

Colour Tech Specialise in all areas of powder coating some of the more popular items are:


  • Car & Motorbike Rims
  • Garden Furniture
  • Table Legs/Frames
  • Motorbike Frames